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Sovran Inc. meets the transcription needs of clients with its easy-to-use, economical, secure and flexible internet solution, itranscription. Founded in 1999, Sovran Inc. is a U.S. based company providing medical transcription for the healthcare industry as well as transcription services for law firms throughout the United States. Sovran also provides on-site/offshore IT services and consulting. From its headquarters in Oakland, California, Sovran Inc. has built a company totally focused on providing the client with a solution that works for their unique needs, whether it is doing transcription for a single doctor or setting up an offshore facility and staff for a software company. Sovran, Inc. has fully integrated its own offshore facility on the southeastern coast of India in Chennai (formerly Madras) with its U.S. facilities, providing our clients with the best possible combination of people and technology.

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Doctor speaking into a voice recorder

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