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Secure and confidential

itranscription protects the security and privacy of your sensitive medical record information via a combination of methods, including:

  1. HIPAA Compliant
  2. Restricted Access to information both externally and internally
  3. Military-grade encryption
  4. Secure physical facilities
  5. Securely configured computers and networks
  6. Redundant servers and networks
  7. Regularly archived data for disaster recovery
  8. Logging of data transfers for accountability

  1. HIPAA Compliant
    We are fully HIPAA compliant.

  2. Encryption
    iTranscription uses encryption to enhance the security provided by access restrictions. Encryption scrambles the data so that it cannot be read without a special computer file called a "key." Because iTranscription installs the required "key" only on your office computer, a third party cannot read your documents even if they gain access to your password.

    Your reports and recordings are encrypted using 1024-bit keys while stored on our servers. During transfers over the Internet, they are encrypted using 128-bit encryption, the same level of encryption used for Internet access by banks with on-line account access.

  3. Secure Physical Facilities
    iTranscription maintains physical security at our facilities. Servers are located in access-controlled, alarmed locations. In our offices, computers capable of connecting to public networks are monitored by management personnel.

  4. Securely configured computers and networks
    iTranscription carefully maintains network and computer security. We use modern, secure operating systems including Red Hat Linux and Windows 2000. We configure our software and hardware with care for security.

    To provide ongoing security, we keep our systems up-to-date and use intrusion-detection software such as Tripwire to monitor our computers.

  5. Redundant servers and networks
    We maintain servers at multiple physical locations for maximum redundancy. Each has its own copy of your data, regularly synchronized, and its own Internet connection.

  6. Regularly archived data for disaster recovery
    We regularly archive your data to CD-ROM and magnetic tape for disaster recovery. We verify the archives at the time they are made and periodically restore data to test the system.

  7. Logging of data transfers for accountability
    Transfers of data between your office, our support personnel, our reviewers, and our transcriptionists are logged to provide accountability and event reconstruction as necessary.

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