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Our Support Center

Our support center is operated from our headquarters in Oakland, California. All communications are directed here. This allows us to maintain a professional, well-trained staff, and to monitor every aspect of our systems, both procedural and technical.

We offer many means to reach us, including telephone, web site, email, and FAX (see our Contact Information), so that you can get questions answered and problems resolved quickly.

Our Local Dealers

Where available, our local dealers can provide on-site assistance with technical, procedural, and management issues related to your transcription. Our dealers have a wide range of experience beyond their work with us, including medical billing, compliance consulting, and administrative services management, giving them a valuable "big picture" perspective.

Free software, setup and training

There is no charge for the itranscription software and the encryption software. There is no charge for the custom formatting and training. There is no charge for the data entry of all information related to the practice such as your referring doctors and their addresses.

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